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Seahorse Park Entrance

3779.03kl.gif 1. Decoration. gif[11K] 3779.06kl.gif 2. Dried seahorse. gif[3K] 3779.08kl.gif 3. Sole of sandal. gif[35K] 3779.14kl.gif 4. Brand label. gif[3K] 3779.19kl.gif 5. VHS box label. gif[20K] 6. Logo Diving shop. jpg[9K] 7. Sculpture in city of Seaside jpg [43K], jpg2 [40K] 8. Office/appartment building called 'Seahorse city' jpg [20K], jpg2 [34K]


1. Decoration from flowershop
2. Dried seahorse, received as a child in the sixties, France (is this where it all started?)
3. Sole of my child's sandals (seahorse looking over its shoulder!)
4. Dutch towel brandname
5. Disney's video cassette box of Ariel's Adventures: 'The wild seahorse' Dutch version.
6. Logo Diving shop, Eindhoven, Netherlands
7. Sculpture in city of Seaside, USA
8. Office/appartment building called 'Seepaerdstad' 'Seahorse city', Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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